Yoga Classes

Hot Yoga Delux & Cryotherapy provides a variety of yoga and hot yoga classes for every level of experience. Classes range from introductory to expert so anyone can choose a class that fits their comfort level.

The introductory level class is for those who are still trying to improve their forms and flexibility. If you need to challenge your strength and endurance, an expert level course will push you to new heights and teach you more advanced yoga techniques.

Our yoga studio has knowledgeable yoga instructors who utilize an array of modalities to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our group fitness classes are organized to provide you with a fun-filled experience and personal assistance from our instructors. We encourage our clients to improve every day to reach the highest form of balance and peace of mind. If you have been looking for a professional and certified yoga instructor, stop by today!

Come visit Hot Yoga Delux & Cryotherapy today in Madison, AL to strengthen your mind, body, and soul in one of our yoga classes.


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