​Pilates Classes

When Joseph Pilates first created the Pilates fitness system, he aimed to incorporate exercise principles aimed at strengthening the core muscles. This would promote balance, alignment, and overall muscular body conditioning as they work in harmony to better support your spine. If you have been looking for a certified Pilates instructor stop by today or call and ask about our Pilates classes.

At Hot Yoga Delux & Cryotherapy in Madison, AL, we offer Pilates classes at our Pilates studio that stay true to the core principles of Pilates. It is part of our physical fitness program that will benefit you in the following ways: improved breathing, better flexibility and centering, stronger focus and control, and a more graceful body.

We have several classes under this program. Among them are core integration Pilates, hot Pilates, and many more. For inquiries about our Pilates classes, don't hesitate to contact Hot Yoga Delux & Cryotherapy in Madison, AL today.


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