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At The Original Hot Yoga & Hot Pilates our mission is to empower all students to improve their overall health through a regular practice of The Original Hot Yoga & Hot Pilates and to inspire students by serving as role models in the community and in the yoga room. We serve our community with compassion and light and provide pure yoga, offered by skillful, good-hearted people in a clean and nurturing environment.

Each student is warmly welcomed and encouraged to grow in his or her own unique way. All of our instructors at The Original Hot Yoga & Hot Pilates are certified to teach the Bikram method of hot yoga. Each instructor has studied the hot yoga method for nine consecutive weeks and received more than 500 hours of instruction from Bikram Choudhury himself, along with his senior staff. Bikram instructors are required to recertify every 3 years; and currently, our teachers are the only instructors in Madison area who have fulfilled all their requirements to earn and maintain their good standing with Bikram Choudhury as certified Bikram instructors.

If you are interested in visiting our yoga and pilates studio, call The Original Hot Yoga & Hot Pilates in Madison, AL for more information. We offer yoga, Pilates and weight loss services.

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